Residential and commercial renovations

During the last few years, renovation has been extremely popular and the trend is constantly growing. This pattern is related to its great advantages compared to the purchase of a new residence, the current economic situation as well as the contemporary decoration and design proposals.

The emergence of new forms of property leasing, such as short-term rental via Airbnb, generated a strong demand for immovable property and many owners decided to invest in their property to benefit from both significant profits and a quick return on their investment. Residences or professional spaces which had been left unexploited for years can now gain new momentum, owing to a carefully planned renovation by experienced and responsible companies such as InstaProperties.

The renovation of a residence contributes effectively to the property’s energy efficiency improvement, generating significant health and economic benefits for the owner or the tenant.

The contemporary heat and sound insulation materials, which are constantly evolving and improving, offer a wide variety of choices from an aesthetic, economic and practical point of view.

The renovation of a residence may bring to light the building’s internal and external aesthetic, that will cause the property’s value to increase and enhance the mood of the owners or the tenants.

Besides aesthetic upgrading, it is extremely important to protect and shield the building from the wear and tear that may occur owing to the passing of time which, if not treated appropriately, may lead to inevitable and economically unbearable consequences.

The contemporary architecture and design proposals can “transform” any space, by highlighting its advantages.

The renovation of a residence is cheaper that the purchase of a new property, while at the same time it gives the owners the opportunity to form their house according to their personal taste and style, so that they can feel uniquely comfortable in their space.

At Instaproperties we emphasize on the quality of the materials we use, as well as on their excellent application and we form the renovation budget of your residence together, according to your preferences and your financial capacity. The design, budget development and organization of your residence’s renovation will be detailed and accurate, in order to eliminate the occurrence of unforeseen costs.

Experienced engineers and designers constantly supervise the progress of the renovation works, in order to ensure that we offer you an excellent outcome.

The usual stages of your residence’s renovation are the following:

  • Mapping of your space
  • Decoration design and planning
  • Financial budget
  • Construction organization by specialized crews

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